Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Update on Welted Seams

I did hear back from Berroco regarding the term "welted seam". Another knitter who had the same question posted Berroco's reply in a comment to my original entry. (I imagine they get this question ALOT!)

Basically, it refers not to a type of seaming but to the look of the seam. You sew the pieces together using a method that results in the seam showing on the public side of the work. Any method...

You could do the mattress stitch with the wrong sides facing; or do an overcast or whip stitch while holding the wrong sides together.

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Miss T said...

Thanks for that update, Claire. Your question made me curious, but I couldn't find welted seams in any of my reference books. How hard would it have been for Berroco to include that information in the pattern???