Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Manos del Uruguay

Check out this new yarn Shirani just got in: Manos Silk Blend - a lusciously soft blend of Silk and Merino Wool. Silky soft beyond belief and the colors! Well, these are the three colorways Cultured Purl has in stock right now and I'm in love with all of them. It's hand dyed by the "hands of Uruguay", a non profit organization with over 400 artisans in cooperatives scattered all over the countryside of Uruguay. Its goal is to bring economic and social opportunities to rural women.

This yarn would make a beautiful hat, pair of mittens, or dare I say it, a shawl...
Stop by the store and take a look!

yours in yarn,

Sunday, November 09, 2008

18 Hours of Musical Theatre...

(the same 3 hours over and over and over again! only a Mother's love...)

I had planned to get SO MUCH knitting done, but it turns out that trying to sneak in a few rounds on black yarn in a darkened theatre simply does not pay. I ended up dropping stitches and ripping back so frequently I just didn't get anywhere fast on this hat for my brother-in-law. (Sorry it printed sideways!)

Shirani got me hooked on this awesome Brooklyn Tweed pattern, found here and I have to say I adore this project! It's simple and very intuitive, and I am absolutely enthralled with the yarn I'm using: Nimbus and O Wool, both organic, and a joy to knit with. Each skein of O Wool (made in Middlebury Vermont), uses half an acre of organic land. WE NEED MORE YARNS LIKE THIS IN THE WORLD!!!!

I love this fibre so much I'm ready to get started on a second hat (my husband's birthday is a few short days away and I now he'll love the feeling of this wool - it's very soft and not at all itchy.) I'm going to cast on right now, and then do my best to put it aside for today's 3 hour afternoon show!!

yours in organic wool,

PS, Next year's sock club is almost full. If you'd like to sign up, stop by or call the Cultured Purl.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Jill's Baby Blanket

This blanket is just fact I almost hesitated to post this picture because the colors aren't anywhere near as vibrant and beautiful as the real thing. But when Jill stopped by to show us the finished project the only camera I had was the one in my phone.

She did a lovely job! Her color choice was inspired and the garter stitch was spot on! Love the red border Jill!

Yours in knitting,


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