Thursday, April 05, 2007

Intarsia Bag

Here's Trish's completed bag and it is OHMYGOD so pretty!! I've never seen white felted before and it turned out great. Trish had the brilliant idea to dry in over the top of a phone book which gave a really nice structure to the bag.

We just wrapped this class up last week:

I know the ladies look a little stressed here, but we had just been talking about the Kitchener seaming and I think they had a little anticipatory tension thing going the end of the night I had the sense that everyone had enjoyed themselves and they felt pretty accomplished!!!
I love to see the different colors - every bag is one of a kind beautiful!!!!

and then,

this has nothing in particular to do with knitting, but it was the other thing I did that same day, and the photo was in the same folder as the intarsia pictures: took the girls to their riding lesson, and the best thing about that day was it was the first time all winter we rode outside...hard to believe looking outside at the snow falling now, that it was 78 degrees Tuesday....

yours in knitting,

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Anonymous said...

Those bags are fantastic. Thanks for sharing the finished projects!