Saturday, April 14, 2007

George's Miters

Miters are way cool to knit.

They're one of those fantastically cooperative projects: the pattern is easy to memorize and really quite interesting from an engineering point of view; it takes no time at all to whip out a square; each square requires such a minimal amount of yarn it's easy to haul around in a pocket or purse; mixing colors is a blast; and I could go on and on and ON about how great this is and how glad I am that Shirani suggested it for George, because what little boy with a name like that WOULDN'T want the coolest, funkiest, non-baby-like blanket ever knitted...

And so, I was making some real headway on this project - I meant it when I said these take no time at all... then it was suggested (by a really sensible knitter friend) that I might want to do a little seaming along the way rather than wait till the end. So,

I hung out at Cultured Purl yesterday and mattress stitched some miters!!!

and it looks REALLY REALLY COOL!!! and I thought, wow this is really gonna work, and I had that satisfying feeling of accomplishment when the miters actually met in the middle and it's straight seaming for the most part and so what if I skipped the blocking step and the edges are a little curly...


I turned it over and was



struck down in a dead faint,

when I realized,,,

the back looks like:

This many (FREAKIN) ends times about a zillion to get the blanket to a respectable size.......OHMYGOD.........

Then Shirani, calmly, and with common sense beyond her years, came up with obvious solution of lining the thing with flannel...Thank God I stopped by the shop today!!

So, it's back to mitering for me....

Yours in lots and lots and lots of cool little squares,


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