Friday, April 13, 2007

still waiting on the welted seam thing...

but I got some really nice feedback on my grammar comment!!!!! What a breath of fresh air! Thanks, anonymous, for that link. I did sort of know the correctness of using Thomas's, but I think there's something especially unattractive about its appearance on the cover of this particular book. And you know what - maybe because it's all done in caps...

When I flipped through a few of my books this afternoon (I never did get any knitting done today!), I discovered that, as usual, authorities differ in their opinion. With regard to names ending with an "s" - following the pronunciations seems to be a popular strategy. So, if you pronounce it as "Thomases book", then Thomas's is correct. But for a name like Camus, where the S is silent, the proper form is Camus'.

Well this walk down Grammar Lane has been fun! While you're checking out the Stanley and Thomas books, also take a peek at The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, by Nancie Wiseman. Her explanations of the finer points of finishing sweaters and other projects are very clear and well organized. It is a reference I refer to frequently.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information about the pronounciation factor regardig the use of the extra "s". Very logical... Isn't the English language fun? No wonder our children have so much difficulty learning to read and write. The rules are very inconsistent! I guess I'll end the discussion there or I'll begin to rant!