Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What a difference blocking can make!!

I've been playing around with some different lace patterns looking for something just right for a Lace Stole class this winter. (The pattern will also work as a table runner!!!) Here is a swatch of the old french Chatelaine lace done in Jaggerspun Zephr. This crinkly swatch is "as knit."

The thing while knitting lace is just to trust that eventually it will be pretty.

Then it's a COMPLETE leap of faith when you actually wet the thing and it looks like a wet, knotted mess that couldn't possibly be salvaged:

And then, ta da!!! You pin it out and it looks like you can actually knit!!!

Then you smile and think all that time spent doing the yarn over thing and scowling at the chart was TOTALLY worth it! So what I'm really wondering is... would any of you like to take an intermediate lace class?? It would be something like a weekly 90 minute class spread over 4-6 weeks. I'd teach you the pattern and be there along the way to help with problems and cheer you along. You'll definitely move into some advanced knitting and by the end of the class you'll have created a lovely heirloom piece that you or someone you love will treasure!

We're working on the new class schedule now, so any feedback will be really helpful.

Yours in knitting,

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