Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I stopped by the yarn shop today...

and I spent a wonderful hour chatting and knitting with Chris, Daren, Trish, and Maria (along with Shirani & Sue of course and Rita was there for a bit but had to leave; and Leo had a few things to say too.)

One of the absolute NICEST things about Cultured Purl, (besides having access to the most luscious yarns and knitting supplies imaginable!), is the feeling of community that exists there. A lot of that certainly has to do with Sue's kindness and Shirani's colorful spirit and warmth, but over time the customers who hang out there and knit and chat with us, become more than customers: they become part of the Cultured Purl family, bringing a lovely camaraderie and vibrancy to the shop that creates a personal place of belonging for all of us. Cultured Purl has its own personality that is growing and changing in lovely ways as the customers stop being customers and become friends. And I am so glad to be a part of that!!!!

Am I too gushy?? I feel a little gushy. But I was very touched today. I have lived in Erie for 9 years, and my closest family is a 6-hour drive away. And while I have made great friends here over the years, there is something special about Cultured Purl that eases the absence of family too far away. It's lovely to know that there's a warm, wonderful place, filled with charming, friendly people, where I can go and always be welcomed and made to feel at home.

As we chatted today over our knitting, telling stories and laughing, I was reminded of something Virginia Woolf wrote:

"What is it that lights the soul? Not the spark of brilliance, but the rich yellow glow of rational discourse."

Thanks ladies, for the good conversation today!!

Yours in knitting,


Amber said...

I have been to the sop on a few occasions, and I must say, it is the nicest shop around...there is anothe shop I have been too in the area, and I did not feel welcome there. They stayed behind the counter and did not say a word. I will not go back there. But the Cultured Purl is fantastic. Very welcoming and friendly. I cannot buy a thing without sharing what it will become. Always advice and conversation. There are tons of great products and it is homey and Warm...just like a knitting shop should be.

Shirani said...

You are not too gushy... My mom and I often talk about how boring our lives would be if we had not opened the shop. We have met so many wonderful people and I am so happy to be raising my son in such a warm environment. Thanks for all the support. ~Shirani

linda said...

It's too bad the day knitters and Friday night knitters almost never meet. Except for Rita. It is a great place to be with friends.

Anonymous said...

Day or night, it's the best place to laugh at our knitting foibles and ourselves!