Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Autumn Knitting

This is my favorite time of year: When the mornings are dark, the days turn cooler, and the rain never seems to stop. Fall has arrived in Northwest Pennsylvania, and it's time to get serious about Holiday Knitting!

Every year I make a plan for knitting Christmas gifts that never seems to come to fruition. But this is the year!! I have the plan. I have the wool. I have great patterns that are fun to knit. (I can't really tell you any details here because one or two of the recipients might be reading...) But I have a list, I'll tell you that- lists are key for me, just ask my family. A list on paper, and two items are ALREADY CROSSED OFF!!!!!

Stop by Cultured Purl this weekend - Sue & Shirani will be at the For Women Only Expo and I'll be holding down the yarn shop fort. I'd love the company and I'll show you my list and get you started with your holiday knitting. And the nicest thing about knitting gifts isn't the wool or the needles or the fall weather. It's that for a not-so-insignificant period of my life, I get to relax with a project and spend quality time thinking about the person I'm making my handknit treasure for!!!

Yours in knitting,

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Julia said...

I stopped in yesterday and just wanted you to know I really enjoyed your shop. I look forward to coming again!