Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Isn't it annoying when LIFE gets in the way of knitting?

I'm delinquent with my blogging duties... I taught the Cast-On Technique class Monday night. And I would be teaching the Beginner Sweater Class this Friday, but we're rescheduling it till January. A nice SUPER chunky, top-down wooly sweater project to snuggle up with during those long winter evenings...think about it!!

AND, Shirani and I are both knitting the Lucy Bag out of various feltable wools - I'm using a ruby red Cascade with some colorful self-striping Noro in olive, coffee, and lavender; Shirani is making an absolutely gorgeous concoction of her own design drawn from her stash of leftover wools. The bags are knitting up REALLY REALLY fast. I'll post pictures soon.

But what's really keeping us busy are the URCHINS we live with!!! Shirani's getting NO SLEEP these days with that sweet, and very Alert, babe, and I'm rushing between dance classes, cross country meets, dance classes, Playhouse dress rehearsals (Arthur's Halloween opens Friday), oh and did I mention DANCE CLASSES? But that's what it's really all about, right? What fun would knitting be if we could do it uninterrupted, at our leisure, without pausing mid YO to meet the needs of our littlest ones!!

Well mine are all tucked in snug, for the moment at least, so I'm off to sneak in another couple of rows...

Yours in yarn,

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