Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shirani's Lucy Bag turned out GREAT!!

I stopped by Cultured Purl quickly today and saw Shirani's just-felted Lucy bag. It was still wet from the washer, but it shrunk to a really attractive shape and the colors merged beautifully in the felting process. What's interesting is the way the different wools she used felted. The stripes are lovely. Maybe, if you're reading this Shirani, you'll post a picture of your bag??

My red bag is coming along too. I've stopped while I wait for some chocolate brown cascade to arrive to do the handle in something different. Meanwhile, since I have HOURS and HOURS of available knitting time backstage at Arthur's Halloween, (this week-10 show in 5 days)I've started a second bag in turquoise and some red & gold Silk Garden. Hmmmmmmm, this sounds familiar, did I write about this already....

Anyway, I am just having a BLAST knitting this bag!!!!! the yarn is incredibly beautiful and the project flies along on 10 1/2 needles. I wish I had pictures here to show you, but I've been SO busy with the Arthur thing...but alright, I'm gonna do the stagemom thing: all my energy these last two weeks has gone into this little cherub, at the playhouse on Opening Night with Erie's own Marc Brown:

Thanks for smiling! He's even cuter in his fluffy ears and red collar. But I digress...

Back to the bag. Stop in this week and take a peek at Shirani's creation. And if you've already made one, bring it to show us!! Looking for a winter project? Think about signing up for this class: The more the merrier!

Yours in yarn,

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