Friday, October 13, 2006

The Lucy Bags

After weeks of working on size 3 double pointed's incredibly rewarding to switch to a project that uses 2 strands of yarn and size 11s!!! When Shirani showed me the progress she was making on her Lucy Bag, I just had to jump off the Christmas ship and get started on a bag of my own. Shirani is using a variety of leftover wools from her private collection. I'm using a dark red (the colors appear paler in these pictures than they really are,)worked together with a self-striping Noro Kureyon.

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My bag appears to be a lot smaller than Shirani's, but looking here at the stitch gauge, they seem similar so I'm hoping mine will turn out large and tote-like too once it's felted. Normally, I don't make felted bags because I prefer the look of the knitted stitch over the boiled wool look. But I am LOVING this bag so much, I've already picked out the yarn for another one :)

Knitting this bag is easy and relaxing: a total de-stresser!! The handles do a cool little wrap thing giving the finished bag a very unique and fun look. I'm going to teach this as a class this winter, so think about signing up.

Yours in knitting,


ps. Cultured Purl will be closed this Saturday. So stop by today if you need anything for your weekend knitting.

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