Friday, October 03, 2008

On the Road Again

We FINALLY headed out...3 hours later than I had hoped, 1 hour past the point of no return for making our dinner reservation, 30 minutes to0 late to eat dinner at the Inn at all because the kitchen closes at 9...what is up with that I ask. Luckily they have a bar...deep in the bowels of the basement of this 216 old bit of historical New England heaven. A bar appropriately named "The Lion's Den" which I'm guessing will at least have some chex mix or peanuts...

(she sighs as she snaps the photo of the highway sign confirming that even considering remotely the possibility of making it for a little nibble of kitchen left overs is beyond ridiculous.)

but here we are, somewhere in New York State, listening to a Billy Collins poetry reading on a CD I burned last night. I drove for awhile because my husband worked most of the night and, as I knew would happen, he was snoring before we hit Harborcreek. For awhile the pager kept going off, followed by the usual phone calls checking in, till we either crossed an invisible line of unspoken acceptability for leaving behind responsibility and entering
vacation mode, or we got out of the pager's range!

Either way here we are in that comfortable, easy silence earned after years of togetherness -the kind you have to experience to really appreciate. Billy Collins is talking about (ironically) the virtues of staying at home, and I am knitting on my husband's sock-he has no clue...

Enjoy the weekend,
Yours in knitting,


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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good weekend!!

Anonymous said...

What is the thing holding your sock on your lap?? The tube thing? Just curious, love the blogging. love all your items.


ClaireKnits said...

It's a wooden holder for double pointed needles. You put the needles inside and the sock in progress hangs out the opening. I wrap the sock around the holder when I'm not working on it. It keeps the needle safe and prevents the stitches from slipping off the needles.

A great invention! Cultured Purl sells them - I'll write a blog about the details.

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