Friday, October 31, 2008

And then there were two...

The fit on the first sock was just shy of perfect, so I cast on 4 more stitches at the start to make the toe a bit less pointy. I also began the gusset 6 rows earlier to create some negative ease. And after the short rows were done, I picked up 2 extra stitches at each corner to eliminate a messy looking gap at the top of the heel. This second sock fits like a glove. And Robin, yes I did finish the socks in about 2 days, but ankle socks take a lot less time! The ribbed cuff is my least favorite part of sock construction - all that back and forth with the yarn on size 0s is tough on ones wrist. For the girls, I only do 8 rows of ribbing and it's a breeze.

To keep my momentum going, I cast on immediately for a second pair (my younger daughter picked this lovely Trekking yarn out of my sock stash) and I have to say I'm loving the vibrancy of the colors. Thanks Amy for your kind comments. My younger daughter is also a dancer although her feet are slightly less arched so I'll make some modifications to these toe-ups to better fit her wider but equally beautiful foot. This time I began with a lot more stitches at the cast-on to create a flatter, more subtly rounded toe.

Well it's back to the double points for deadline is looming closer!
yours in yarn,


Anonymous said...


I can not wait to see your younger daughters socks...the colors are so rich and beautiful!!!
I am still into animals and have half of a mouse done. I thought it would be a cute little pocket friend for tough days. . or someone new to the tea party.

ClaireKnits said...

The colors of the Trekking yarn are really rich. I'm really pleased with the socks and I think my daughter will like them because they'll go with a lot.

Wow, I wish I had a mouse in my pocket for the tough days!! We spent hours and hours having animal tea parties when the children were young. Can't wait to see how he turns out.

Stacy said...

Hi Claire,
One of these days I hope to meet you. I have seen all of your wonderful shawls hanging on the walls of Cultured Purl, but have yet to meet the designer. I am a bit jealous that my husband has more interaction with you than me (he is your car technician)! Anywys, the reason for this comment is to ask you what that wooden thing is beside the sock yarn in this picture? I have seen it in previous sock posts, but I have no idea what it is. Keep in mind, this is coming from a person who has only ever knitted 4 pairs baby socks. Some day I will get the courage to knit adult socks.... Thanks for your time and all of your wonderful posts!