Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A nice slipped edge

I am making some headway on the prayer shawl. This picture is meant to showcase the slipped selvedge edge I decided to use. It makes a very neat and tidy, flat edge.

All you have to do is slip the first stitch as if to purl WITH THE YARN IN FRONT. By this I mean, before slipping the stitch, pull the yarn toward you so it is in the purl position. After slipping the stitch purlwise, move the yarn BETWEEN THE TWO NEEDLES to the back of the work. Continue knitting normally.

I am about halfway through the shawl. It has not rained today - a 1st since we got here. Something else wonderful happened today - I was able to take a HOT shower. My other showers were cold - as in ICE. Really. The first time, I thought 'how awful can a cold shower be?' I do swim in pools afterall. Well it turned out to be so awful I cried. The second time I was at least prepared for the horror of the icy cold water pelting out of the strange sprayer contraption one finds in a rental camper shower, but it was still pretty awful. So, as you might imagine, my hot shower today felt like heaven.

The monster spider has, we think, decided to relocate because it got tired of dodging the heat of my father's blowtorch. Either that or it drowned under the pails of dirty dish water my mother poured over its bush. (My mother doesn't like plum-sized spiders any more than I do-particularly ones living five feet from her camper.)

Well, there's still a bit of daylight left before the bats come out-so I'm going to do a few more rows.

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Danielle said...

Yikes! Where do you go camping? I love, love, LOVE Sampson State Park on Seneca Lake. It is thankfully located conveniently off of I-90 in Romulus, NY. Spotless bathrooms and yummy warm showers.

And someone cleans the spiderwebs off the outside of the bathrooms daily!