Monday, December 03, 2007

I should have listened to Shirani...

Shirani introduced me to this adorable Fake Fair Isle hat pattern. My daughter has been asking me to knit her a hat and this seemed the perfect, knit-in-a-weekend project. But....I didn't REALLY listen when Shirani complained that the pattern seemed small and I should use bigger needles. I mean, being the loosest knitter on the planet, I NEVER use bigger needles!

Well, wouldn't you know's a little too small, yet oddly floppy and loose around the brim.

My daughter is so sweet, she's trying desperately to make it fit. just is not going to cover her ears...

So...i'm going to run back to Cultured Purl in the morning to get some more blue yarn, tweak the ribbing a bit, go up in needle size, and mostly I'm going to remember this the next time Shirani gives me some advice!

Yours in yarn,

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