Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Brooklyn Tweed Striped Scarf

Here it is done in Noro Silk Garden...a Christmas gift for my husband...

I made every effort to finish the thing by Christmas Eve (to the point where I was knitting it while sitting less than a foot away from him...but he has become oblivious to my knitting, the ubiquitous lump of yarn and clicking needles almost always on my lap when I sit down to watch t.v. at home: he HAD NO CLUE)

And so, it was not done for Christmas morning, but he was as pleased as could be and surprised to receive it 2 days later - just in time for him to take it to Georgia for the winter....but that's a story for another time...

...back to the project at hand. This is an easy yet interesting 1x1 ribbed pattern using 4 skeins of Noro Silk Garden: 2 the same, worked throughout, plus 2 different skeins which are alternated with the main to form the stripes. This sounds MUCH more complicated than the actual project, I promise!

Sue and Shirani both have made this scarf more than once, and I know a lot of customers have been in to pick up the yarn for it. There are so many interesting color combinations in the Silk Garden line, every scarf turns out uniquely beautiful!! It would also work nicely with Noro Kureyon on larger needles over fewer stitches.

Check out the pattern here. Shirani has an awesome supply of Noro so stop by this week and you'll have the scarf done by the end the weekend!!

Yours in Noro,

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Anonymous said...

I love this scarf; your version is beautiful. I knitted one for my daughter-in-law out of the Noro sale yarn that has cotton wrapped around the wool (I forget the name of the yarn). I wasn't happy with it until I washed and blocked it; it was soft and wonderful. She loved it! Claire, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity, ingenuity, willing to help anyone in a knitting crisis, skill with color and knitting know-how. You are an inspiration!!!