Friday, November 23, 2007

A Rock is not a Stone...

...but knitting is still knitting whether one does it Continental or English!

I'm making this top-down raglan sweater, from the Fitted Knits book, for a class this winter. It's done in Cascade's Pastaza yarn - a luscious blend of llama and wool. It's lovely shape is derived from the COPIOUS use of 2x2 ribbing. Simple enough, but hard on the wrists...

I'm finding the wrist strain from the alternating knits and purls is greatly diminished by throwing in a row or two of Continental knitting every so often. Although I'm somewhat of a slow poke with this method and I have to work harder at maintaining an even tension, I must admit that the relief to my wrist when "picking" makes the snail's pace worth it!

We're such an opinionated bunch, us knitters... proponents of both methods can get rather hot under the needles when defending the merits of their preferred technique. But really, in the end, all that matters is that it looks nice!!

Yours in knitting,

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