Tuesday, September 26, 2006


We wrapped up another set of Technique classes today at the yarn shop. Today was "Finishing" or more specifically the wondrous Invisible Seam. For years and YEARS I hated sweaters because, well here's the biggy - I never did a gauge swatch, didn't know I was THE loosest knitter on the planet, and could never understand why my sweaters looked like they would fit Mr. Stay-Puff. But the other reason, and the point I'm trying to share here..., is : I only knew the backstitch seam and my sweaters would have looked just as nice if I had sewn them up with shoelaces.

BUT, I read a book (actually EVERY knitting book I'd ever read suggested right-side seaming, but I couldn't imagine it working...) and decided to sit down and give it a try and Who'd-have-thunk-it: it really is like MAGIC. That's why I love Technique part 4 - no one really believes it will work BUT IT ALWAYS DOES!!!!!!!!! Now if I could only get gauge on those sweaters without going down to a 2...but that's another story.

Yours in knitting,


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it pays to trust what the instructions say and just do it. All that time lost thinking that the people who wrote the books didn't know what they were talking about...

linda said...

I remember being blown away by the ease in sewing things together this way when I first discovered this method of seaming. Isn't it great to learn something new? No matter how long you've been knitting.