Tuesday, September 19, 2006


That less than stellar photo down to the right, is of the charming vintage mannequin known affectionately as "Purl". She lives at the yarn shop and dresses in various knitted garments that Shirani puts together in THE cutest combinations. Here she's wearing the (I know it's REALLY REALLY hard to see--the original photo that Shirani took was as clear as day, I screwed it up somehow in the upload...) where was I , oh yes, here she's wearing the black lacy holiday shrug and a knitted belt and a knitted purse. I believe all these items are done in various Louisa Harding yarns. Okay, the dress is NOT knitted, and secretly, I'm dying to steal it off Purl's back...

And on a total sidetrack...I was reminded in a conversation with a friend today, of the song with the line about much of life being wasted while "waiting for the tide to turn." Yes, SO much of life is out of our control, but isn't it nice that we can have knitting projects on hand while we wait?

Yours in knitting,

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rose colored glasses said...

Ooohh. It is really coming along girls!