Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mary's bag

Definitely one of THE coolest knitted bags I've ever seen...Mary made this from a pattern in last fall's Interweave magazine. And by the by, she also made that cream sweater peaking out from under her jacket - it's done in Rowen big wool (key when you need some instant gratification!!) and it's the Knitting Pure and Simple neck down sweater pattern that we're teaching again this fall. NICE NICE beginner sweater!!!!!!

The rain continues here in Erie and it definitely feels like fall today, making it a great day to get to the yarn shop and hunker down with a comfy knitting project!! What I really should be working on are my red striped socks. It would be a stretch to call them comfy though, as I'm SUCH A LOOSE KNITTER, I'm having to do them on 1's...just a wee bit stressful

Later on this afternoon, it's another Debbie Bliss Knit-along. See you there,

Happy knitting, Claire

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