Monday, March 16, 2009

The Fair Isle Hat Class

I had the best time today with my A+ fair isle knitters!!!! Aren't their hats turning out great! Thanks for being such great students :-)

yours in two-stranded knitting,


Anonymous said...

what wonderful hats!!! looks like a fun class!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I think you'd really enjoy the class - Fair Isle is lots of fun!!! I love seeing how all the color combinations look together


Anonymous said...

I loved making the purse from your class, and I totally had a blast making your other hat pattern. My daughter loves wearing it b/c Mama made it. I did not know this class was a different pattern..If you offer this one again, it would be great for the twins!!! I love the pattern. See you soon in two-handed knitting!! Amy

ClaireKnits said...

Yes, we probably should have advertised this class as "Fair Isle Hat w/ear flaps" because I think a lot of people who had fun with the other hat would like this class. It's a really really clever technique for adding ear flaps too, one you could apply to any hat pattern.

I'll see if Shirani has a waiting list for the flap class and maybe I'll try to squeeze another one in this month. Otherwise I'll do it again in October!