Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sock update...

For those of you who followed along as I went through the knitting-socks-for-my-husband's-birthday saga...I'd like to share the happy news that the socks were FINALLY WORN OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!! Here we were yesterday, out at Walker's Christmas Tree Farm discussing (quite heatedly I might add) the worthiness of this particular tree. My husband, saw in hand, is wearing his one and only pair of handknit socks. Prior to this monumental day, he had only puttered around the house in them claiming that he "didn't want to wreck them." They survived our annual pilgrimage to the bitterly cold, snow-covered, deep Northwest Pennsylvania woods and yes, he found them extremely warm and cozy...

I'm off now to round up the troops so we can decorate our beautiful Douglas Fir,

Yours in yarn,

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