Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Things are very quiet in my house here in the pre-dawn hours of Christmas Eve morning. Just the dog and I are up, puttering around quietly in the kitchen. Husband, children, grandparents, (even the birds) are still blissfully asleep, still in the midst of their own sugarplum dreams...

All the knitting is done!!! Fingerless gloves, spa cloths, socks, socks, and more socks, and even a hat or two, are finished, wrapped, and ready for the excitement of Christmas. This morning brings no holiday pressure beyond the pleasant task of making the traditional holiday gingerbread with the girls. Yesterday's baking was all about loaves and loaves and LOAVES of aromatic banana bread which we delivered to our friends and neighbors as we serenaded them with Christmas carols, and an occasional silly holiday song (another family tradition made all the more comical this year as we all sported Santa hats and reindeer antlers courtesy of Grannie!!) Okay, "serenaded" might be a bit of a stretch, but we certainly do sing our hearts out!

It's unlikely, but possible, that I might find a quiet half hour later today to work on some personal knitting before we head off to the Children's Mass at Mercyhurst College: a lovely, candlelit, musical service made even a little exciting by the distraction of wondering if this will be the year little Christopher manages to ignite someone's coat or hair in the pew in front of him as he precariously balances his candle...

And finally we'll slip into bed after a wonderful dinner with friends and family, and tired but fulfilled, we'll fall asleep listening for the sound of Santa's sleighbells.

Merry Christmas,

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