Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Knitted Teddy Bears

The new schedule of classes will be mailed out in a few weeks, and here's a peek at one of the projects you can sign up for. These teddy bears are as cuddly as anything you can buy, and what a fun project to help get yourself out of the winter doldrums!

Sue knit one of these bears and the other was made by Laura, who will be teaching the class. Bob, Laura's husband wanted me to point out his contribution to Laura's charming bear: the very colorful red tie! If you're ever lucky enough to stop by Cultured Purl when Bob's there with Laura, sit down for a chat and you'll find yourself thoroughly entertained by one of the most engaging, conversational non-knitters I've ever seen in the shop!! Bob has lived quite a life, and has lots to say about all kinds of topics (including knitting) and there's no telling what unexpected and compelling discussion you'll end up in the middle of!

So look for the newsletter next month, stop in and check out the bears, and sign up for some classes!

Yours in knitting,

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