Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Diana's Socks

Here's a photo (of a photo) of socks Diana knit for her two daughters and a daughter-in-law. Lucky girls!! Diana was at the yarn shop last night, along with Laura and a group of her former students. She told us a funny story about how years ago, when she was living on the West Coast and was just getting started with knitting, she adventurously decided to buy some expensive sock yarn, a variety of needles, and a sock pattern, and she gave it a go. A few disastrous skeins later, as well as a big investment in needles which various yarn shops suggested might solve her problems, and still having met with no sock success, she finally found Laura. Who, as anyone who had taken one of her Cultured Purl classes knows, is an AMAZING sock teacher! Since then, Diana has knit lots and lots of socks including these modeled by her family. Perseverance pays off!

Stop by the shop and sign up for a sock class! Find out why they're so addictive.
Yours in knitting,

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