Monday, May 19, 2008

It's midnight

and I've just finished pinning out the lace table runner. I had to tell someone!! It's soaking wet (love that Citris Soak) and it's grown quite a bit. Let's see...went from 16x23 to 19x38. A nice size for my small gateleg table. I'm way tooooo tired for mental math, but as I'd hoped, it's grown in length not width even though it's garter based. Did you know the earliest British lace was always knit? The stockinette (or as the Brits call it "stocking") stitch was an after thought in knitting's evolutionary timeline.

SO, I have the fan BLASTING in the guestroom where the runner is pinned out on the carpet and if the fiber gods are smiling it will be dry by morning!

I'll post pictures tomorrow - or actually later today...

Yours in lacy slumber,



Anonymous said...

Hi Claire

Can't wait to see the finished project, I'm sure it will be spectacular!


Anonymous said...

Good morning Claire,

OH I can't wait to see a photo, I bet it so beautful.

See you Wed.
Yours in two stranded (and loving it) knitting,