Thursday, August 02, 2007

Knitting on the Road

It's time for our annual pilgrimage to the wilderness of the Northeast corner of our country, the Pinetree State, "Vacationland" (as stated on their license plates.) Maine: Where we camp under fragrant pine trees, listening to the music of the loons and the soothing sounds of a babbling spring-fed creek, falling asleep under a million sparkling stars set in a deep, crystal clear, non-polluted sky...(I thought I'd begin with that wonderful image instead of describing the dirt and the bugs that are also such a part of camping in the Big Woods!!)

Anyway...I'm getting packed - and although the car is ABSOLUTELY STUFFED TO BURSTING with a BIG tent, 5 sleeping bags, 5 air mattresses, 5 suitcases, a cooler, 5 chairs, cooking supplies, 3 bike helmets, a scooter, a bunch of fishing poles, a tackle box, my watercolor stuff, a medical kit, 5 beach towels, 2 lanterns, many flashlights, a portable fan, the hotel bag for tomorrow night, my bag of shoes (yes, I take tooooo many for a week in the dirt), the bird book, binoculars, (although Maine has a tick problem too so I don't know for sure...), 2 portable DVD players, my purse, a snack pack, 5 pillows, 3 kids' worth of blankets, backpacks, iPods, Nintendo games, and stuffed animals, 2 umbrellas, and an assortment of CD'S and books on tape...- I've still got to decide on which knitting project to bring.

A dilemma: the big bag with the diamond shawl design which I am chomping at the bit to finish... or the small bag with the quickie little ella rae purse project. Note here that this would have been a conundrum or even possibly a quandary if I could have put my hands on the MULTITUDE of sock projects I have going on right now. Yes Rita, you're right, a sock would be the perfect thing to take, BUT OHMYGOD, I can't find where I stashed them all when I started the shawl project...I had to hide them you see so I would feel guilty about all the unfinished things I have on the needles...

So it is, after all, just a dilemma.

I will let you know tomorrow what I decided to take. You see, I am hoping to blog as I go from my Treo and my digital camera! Wish me luck!

Yours in knitting,

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Anonymous said...

I think you should take both projects. What if it rains? I love Maine. Enjoy your vacation!