Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Surprise!!

I love this is a bit like origami...When you finish knitting the fabric you fold it this way and that way and Viola an adorable baby sweater.

These are Daren McCullough's Baby Surprise Sweaters...TOO CUTE! Hard to believe this was all stash yarn.
The finished one is one ball of sock yarn.
Can't wait to see the pink one finished!
If you would like to bring your stash and join us for the class there is still the shop for info.
Thanks for sharing Daren. :)


ClaireKnits said...

Daren, I love the sweaters!!! And Shirani, yours is also gorgeous - you should post a picture,

Daren said...

Thanks Claire! Only problem with all those stripes on the pink one is all the weaving in I have to do now.