Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sock it 2 me

That is the name Sue came up with for the sock class I'll be teaching in a couple of weeks for those who have graduated Laura's basic sock class and are interested in trying some different techniques. Laura herself will also be teaching a special sock class with a fancy leg stitch for those who'd like to move beyond the basics.

and so...for the last week or two I've been busy experimenting with different heels and toes. Those of you who followed along with my husband's birthday sock saga may be reading this with a not-so-small amount of incredulity. But yes, I have in fact developed a sort of love affair with knitted socks...even to the point where I find working on toothpicks kind of comforting...

There are just SO MANY OPTIONS...about a gazillion ways to cast on, pattern the leg, turn the heel, form the toe. And the yarn choices are frankly STAGGERING. I admit that I have been stashing hoards of the stuff: self-striping skeins of sock yarn, each beautiful in its own way!

And here is my favorite so far:

This uses the Channel Island Cast-On (from the British Isles) which makes an interesting and perfectly pretty edge for single rib. And here I use a Dutch heel which makes a rounder heel than the more common French method.

And this is the Star Toe:

It makes a very nice round, seamless toe with a pretty star-like design that is impossible to see in this picture...

So stop by the shop and sign up for one of the new sock classes!! And if you've never tried a sock before, then hurry and get into Laura's basic sock class (they fill up fast!!) you won't believe how addicting knitted socks can be!

Yours in self-striping sock yarn,

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